ACAV A4 Viscometer

Runnability Analyzers for coating colors and pigment slurries


Runnability Analyzers for coating colors and pigment slurries

Simulation of coating performance of high speed coating process requires the following analyzer characteristics:

  • Ultra high shear rates
  • Very short shearing times
  • Similar measurement geometry to coating process

ACA A4 is the only system on the market to meet these requirements and therefore known as de facto standard in the industry with well over hundred global references.

ACAV A4 results correlate well with blade loads and problems such as web breaks, scratches, streaks, blade bleeding etc. ACAV A4 helps to adjust optimum blade loads, minimize screening & coating problems and solve runnability problems on coaters and on screens.

“While low shear ———– and ————- rheograms are commonly used in the industry to assess the runnability of coatings, these results demonstrate that such low shear techniques can be extremely misleading when it comes to the prediction of coating performance on high speed metered size press, rod and blade coaters. The use of more specialized “ultra-high” shear equipment such as the ACAV might be needed to better understand the rheological performance under commercial coating conditions.”


Customer presentation at PaperCon 2012 conference