Forming fabric quality control in airlaid nonwoven

ACA Systems Oy has successfully delivered the first Permi HP air permeability analyzer for forming fabrics online quality control application in airlaid nonwoven process. Idea is to be able to predict the life-time and change time of the forming fabric. New forming fabric starts slowly to loose its air permeability characteristics when continuously used in airlaid nonwoven process. No such reliable analysis has been available so far.

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RoQ deliveries

ACA has delivered the first 70 units of RoQ Roll Hardness Profiler. New features such as touch screen operation and WiFi are well received in a variety of industries. Applications include printing paper grades, specialty papers, plastic films, label and packaging materials. Companies using RoQ include Sappi, StoraEnso, 3M, Mitsubishi, Yupo, Honeywell, Avery Dennison, DelFortGroup and Bemis.

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