ACA Permi

Online air permeability analyzer

PERMI Online Air Permeability Analyzers

  • Permi is our early-warning-system for any undesired changes in our process”
  • Permi is a great overall and cost effective measure of web structure”
      • – Permi LP for low porous grades
      • – Permi HP for high porous grades
      • – Both fixed point & scanning versions available


As many of our customers have shown, Permi Online system is extremely cost-effective. Permi will improve not just refining control, but also grade changes, wet-end chemistry evaluation, vacuum control and various other parameters to offer substantial production and quality control improvements. Permi is also especially beneficial from a quality standpoint in mills where a variety of grades are produced in relatively short production runs.

Demand for Permi has continued as the high return on investment in it grows. Payback is typically measured in weeks rather than months or years.


Simple and reliable lab analyzer. Factory calibrated methods available are:

      • Bendtsen, ml/min                5 to 100 000
      • Coresta, ml/min                    1 to 10 000
      • Gurley, s                                   100 000 to 1
      • Others available on request


Lab Permi