Roll Hardness Profiler

New ACA RoQ analysis platform that revolutionises profile test practices

RoQ Roll Quality Analyzer is the latest innovation in hardness profiling measurements on the market. For the first time hardness measurement system does not use spring load to perform a test making RoQ Roll Quality Analyzer much more service free unit compared to conventional hardness devices. This is just one of the new innovations of the RoQ Roll Quality Analyzer. Features of the RoQ Roll Quality Analyzer include:

  • Hit force is generated electrically, no mechanical spring
    • Excellent control of the hitting.
    • Simple calibration.
  • 4,3” touch screen
    • Result available immediately after measurement directly from the integrated display.
    • The device works independently without PC and special software.
    • Settings can be easily changed from the user interface integrated in the device.
  • Data handling
    • Data is saved to the internal flash memory.
    • Results are calculated right after measurement and microcontroller creates file directories to the memory.
    • Internal memory is available as a removable media after the USB cable is connected to the PC.
    • Also Wi-Fi connection available.
  • Batteries and charging
    • Li-ion batteries.
    • Charged from normal USB port, charging downstream port or dedicated charging port.
    • Own system to control charging and following the status of the batteries.


RoQ Roll Quality Analyzer for paper industry

In most paper making processes, a clear correlation between caliper and hardness profiles in CD exists. This information together with the knowledge that hardness profile in parent roll does not change in corresponding customer rolls can be used as a guideline to fine tune the settings of a paper machine.

RoQ Roll Quality Analyzer can also be used to test reel cover quality. Loose reel cover can be identified or rubber coating hardness variation detected in order to evaluate the need for reel service.

RoQ Roll Quality Analyzer for plastics industry

Even profile is extremely important for thin plastic film grades. Gauge bands and bagginess are typical problems causing runnability and quality issues.  Hardness profile is an excellent indicator of plastic film being level enough to be wound up. Also winding tension can be controlled by hardness measurement to get ideal hardness taper for the wound rolls.