ACA RoQ 卷材质量分析仪

ACA RoQ – Roll hardness profiler

Identify problematic rolls

Roll hardness profile is a key parameter defining a good roll. RoQ Roll quality analyzer is the latest innovation in profile determination of a roll. Reproducible high-resolution profiles are automatically generated by a simple measurement procedure.

Identify problematic rolls easily by mobile ACA RoQ hardness profiler and avoid runnability issues and produce better customer rolls.

Good or bad roll?

Roll hardness is probably the most important factor in determining the difference between a good and bad roll.

Rolls that are wound too soft, too tight or have too much variations are in danger to cause problems somewhere in the value chain. Want to learn more about good and rolls? Read more

Watch ACA RoQ roll analyzer in action

Top 3 benefits ACA RoQ

  1. Cost savings through less roll quality complaints
  2. Identification of roll errors such as bagginess, rope marks, wrinkles and soft edges
  3. Process control based on information of high resolution profiles (Online scanners are not able to detect small variations reliably enough)

Product Info

  • Measurement
    • Measurement principle: Deceleration (g) measurement with constant collision energy
    • Measurement frequency: Adaptive max. 50 Hz
    • Measurement range: 5 g – 130 g
  • Hardware
    • Display 4,3” touch screen
    • Wireless Connectivity WLAN
    • Wired connection type USB
    • Batteries Li-ion 4500 mAh
    • Charging From USB port
    • Barcode Reader Built-in camera
    • Dimensions 180 x 80 x 122 mm
    • Weight 1,4 kg
  • Software
    • Device SW: Proprietary operating system with scripting capabilities for customer personalization, WiFi REST interface
    • PC SW: RoQ Tool for automatic date transfer
    • Cloud SW: ACA RoQ Web for data evaluation
  • ACA Services
    • Yearly maintenance
    • Spare parts
    • Data services (personalization, integration, data-analysis)

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Best applications Paper & Board

Uncoated fine paper

Less roll quality complaints from printers and converters, Profile control, optimization of winding process


Less roll quality complaints from printers, Control of thickness profile, problematic to measure thickness with traditional sensors due to impurities of pulp.

Specialty paper

Profiles are very important due to various converting steps and high value increase in production chain.

Coated fine paper

Less roll quality complaints from printers and converters, Profile control, calendaring optimization, customer rolls are wound very tight = profiles and hardness variation are very important

SC / LWC Paper

Less roll quality complaints from printers, Calendering optimization, profile control, customer roll control.

Release liner

Calendering control, high demands from label industry. Profiles extremely important.

Testliner / Fluting

Less roll quality complaints from converters, Profile control for good dimensional stability, moisture control.

MG Paper / Wrapping

Profile control, extremely important that profiles are even due to low flexibility of roll

Best applications Converters

Printing house

Look at the case study

Flexible packaging

Quality control of incoming rolls, quality control of various process steps

Security labels

Extremely important to have good profiles. Multilayer product. Expensive. Bar codes, QR codes, ID marks…

Self-adhesive protection

Thin films, profile control is very challenging. Expensive materials

Labels & Packaging

QC of incoming rolls, profiles are very important. Local variations critical due to narrow rolls.

Multilayer laminates

Profile control of incoming rolls to optimize lamination process

Best applications Plastic films


Thin films, profile control is very challenging. Expensive materials

Proven results & happy customers

We have calculated to save 100k€ annually by eliminating defected rolls before they cause runnability issues in the printing machine. For example we can see baggy rolls in advance.

ACA RoQ roll quality analyzer is an amazing innovation that every roll buyer or manufacturer should have”

Common questions & Answers

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