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Highlights of the case

  • Eliminate problematic rolls from the supply chain > Higher production rate
  • 100 k€ annual saving, ROI 2 months > Cost savings
  • Better co-operation with roll suppliers > Higher quality


Roll quality of Helio Charleroi ensured by ACA RoQ

Helio Charleroi is one of the most modern printing plants in Europe, serving large and medium volumes publishers and retailers in rotogravure printing. It operates with two state-of-the-art 4,32 meter presses and in total five rotogravure machines with 125 personnel in 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. No wonder, quality control is a key element to achieve high operational rate and meet the tight schedules of demanding customers.

There is no time to solve production issues or struggle with roll defects. ACA RoQ Roll quality analyzer was taken into test phase in March 2017. The goal of the project was to preventively investigate the roll quality before it can cause production downtime or complaints towards suppliers.


“We have calculated to save 100k€ annually by eliminating defected rolls before they cause runnability issues in the printing machine. For example we can see baggy rolls in advance. ACA RoQ roll quality analyzer is an amazing innovation that every roll buyer or manufacturer should have”

P. Tornianen, CEO


ACA RoQ – Roll Hardness Profiler ensures quality


Core benefits of ACA RoQ

  • Distance measurement with 1 mm accuracy: Profiles are true high resolution hardness profiles including exact position information. Not just single measurement points one after the other.
  • Exact profile data can be used for paper machine controls: For example calendering control.
  • Fast measurement: Measurement frequency even 50 measurements/second. One customer roll measurement can be completed easily less than 30 seconds with high resolution. Wide parent reels less than a minute.
  • Integrated barcode reader: Roll identification easy. Just read the barcode of the roll before the measurement and information is attached to the data.
  • Operator independent measurement: Mechanism guides the hammer always perpendicular against the roll giving excellent repeatability of the measurement.
  • Semi-automated measurement cycle: Operator just place the device against the roll and measurement starts automatically and ends automatically in the end of the profile.
  • Measurement covers full roll length: Also first and last centimetre of the roll is included in the measured profile.
  • Hit force control: Measurement force is generated electrically without spring. This allows excellent control of the hit force and enables simple and accurate calibration of the device.
  • Integrated touch screen display: Simple and user friendly operating. High resolution profile graph displayed right after the measurement.
  • Excellent durability: Basically no wearing parts at all. Only polyamide measurement spoon under the hammer must be changed time to time. Typical lifetime 6 months or more.
  • Low need of maintenance: Calibration and maintenance check recommended once a year.
  • Cloud service available: Data can be transferred automatically from the device to the cloud service provided by ACA.
  • Long operating time: Strong Li-ion battery enables long operating time. More than 2 hours continuous measurement. Charging with USB
  • Full comprehensive warranty including mechanical parts (excl. wearing parts i.e. measurement spoon)
  • ACA Services available for troubleshooting and maintenance