ACA Permi Lab LP 100 / LP 500

Air permeability analyzer for low porous materials

Fast and easy air permeability measurement

Air permeability is an overall measurement of process performance and structural uniformity of produced material. In some technical advanced materials, the permeability or breathability is the key property of the end use. Often these materials (separator films, membranes, breathable films etc…) are very low porous and thus out of the measurement range of common instrumentation. Furthermore, the measurement of low porous material can take very long using traditional instruments.

ACA Permi Lab LP 100 (5-2500 Gs) is designed for fast and easy air permeability measurement of low porous materials like battery separator films, medical grades and mebranes

ACA Permi Lab LP 500 (10 000 –  500 000 Gs) offers the widest measurement range available. The device is designed for the most dense materials such us water based barrier coated papers and board

Benefits of ACA Permi Lab LP 100 / LP 500

  1. Wide measurement range:
    • LP 100 Gurley 5 – 2500 Gs
    • LP 500 Gurley 10 000 – 500 000 Gs
    • Other units like Bendtsen, Coresta etc… on request
  2. Fast measurement; Less than 10 sec even for very low porous materials
  3. Very easy to measure CD profiles

Best applications Films & Engineered materials

Battery separator films (BSF)

Air permeability measured typically as Gurley unit is one of the key characteristics of a battery separator film. The separator with uniform permeability is essential for the long cycle life of a battery. Variations in permeability will result in uneven current density distribution, which may be a risk for the whole battery. ACA Permi Lab can measure repeatability and fast the Gurley values of the BSF-film either from single point or CD profile

Breathable films

Breathable films are used extensively in diapers and food packaging. For the enduser, the quality of the film needs to be constant and breathability variations minimized. ACA Permi Lab can rapidly measure breathability values of the film in a repeatable way. Its high speed makes profile measurements an easy task.

Barrier packaging

Water based barrier coatings are applied typically on fiber substrates. Due to substrate unevenness sometimes so called pin holes are created in coating surface. These “micro holes” are causing a negative impact on barrier properties. ACA Permi LP 500 is able to measure the amount of pin holes through air flow method and thus gives a very fast response on barrier properties of the coated packaging material.

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