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ACA Flow WR is a modern and user-friendly analyzer for coating color water retention. Integrated touch screen and adjustable measurement pressure and time.  The modern design and clever sample holder attachment and releasement makes the measurement procedure fast and easy. The delivery package contains followings supplies: ACA Flow WR main unit, sample cylinder, testing mat with magnetics, AC Power supply, filter papers, blotter papers and a traveler case.

Measurement principle according to TAPPI T-701.

Benefits of ACA Flow WR

  1. Measures coating dewatering ie. water retention fast and accrurate
  2. Possibility to develop new recipes and test coating components such as thickeners
  3. Excellent tool together with AX-100 capillary viscometer to manage rheology under production conditions

Product Info

  • Technical data
    • Cell pressure (adjustable): 0 -2000 p (0-2 bar)
    • Electrical connection: 110 -230V, European style inlet plug
    • Pneumatic inlet: 4-6 bar, dry air
    • Display: Capacitive touch screen
    • Weight: 6 kg
    • Dimensions: 300 mm X 300 mm X 300 mm
  • Installation environment
    • Voltage to included transformer 200 -230 V, European style connector.
    • Compressed air minimum 4-bar, dry instrument air. 6 mm pipe connection at the backside of machine.
    • Temperature about 20C (Normal room temperature)


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Water retention measurement helped us to determine the critical solids in our coated paper production

Water retention value shows us immediately if there is something wrong in our standard recipe

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