For analyzing the coating color water retention

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ACA Flow WR is a modern and user-friendly analyzer for coating color water retention. Integrated touch screen and adjustable measurement pressure and time.  The modern design and clever sample holder attachment and releasement makes the measurement procedure fast and easy. The delivery package contains followings supplies: ACA Flow WR main unit, sample cylinder, testing mat with magnetics, AC Power supply, filter papers, blotter papers and a traveler case.

Measurement principle according to TAPPI T-701.

Benefits of ACA Flow

  1. Possibility to measure characteristics of coating dispersions and water based solutions on flow properties
  2. Possibility to measure the influence of different base substrates on the flow characteristics
  3. Due to the dynamic flow the instrumen has an excellent correlation to real coating processes
  4. Fast and easy measurement

Product Info

  • Application data
    • Pressure range 0.5 – 2.0 bar
    • Measuring time 200 ms – 60s
    • Filter type 0.4 qm HTTP
    • Diameter of measuring filter 47 mm
    • Diameter of measuring area 41 mm
    • Sample amount 300 ml or more
  • Connections
    • Pneumatic air
    • Water 1 – 4 bar
    • Power 110-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions ad specifications
    • Width 330 mm
    • Height 280 mm
    • Lenght 530 mm
    • Weight 12 kg
    • Operational temperature Room temperature
  • ACA Services
    • Maintenances
    • Spare parts

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Proven results & happy customers

ACA Flow helped us to determine the critical surface starch solids in our liner production

ACA Flow shows us immediately if there is an unwanted change in our base paper or coating. Excellent troubleshooting and quality control tool